A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Roll A Bolt is a short 3D Platformer demo created Bolt (visual scripting extension for Unity).

I used the scene of the tutorial "Roll a Ball" for Unity and added  a lot of different mechanics !

I do not think to continue this project (except correcting bugs), it allowed me to convince myself of the potential of visual scripting with Bolt and I will now start more concrete projects !

Install instructions

-Download and unzip the files
-Lauch "Roll a Bolt"
-Play with keyboard (arrows, space, escape)
or X360 controller (left stick, A, start)


rollABolt_1.0_windows.rar 27 MB
rollABolt_1.0_mac.rar 26 MB

Development log


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I made a video on your game (Skip to 11:27)


Thank you for this video! I love your reactions! :)

This game is just the beginning of a prototype, there will be a lot of improvements and additions.


I finished my demo and it is much more complete, if you want to test it again. ;)

I replayed it to check out what you added and saw the surprise at the end. :)


I was happy to see you playing at my demo, it was a little deserved gift for you. ;)